Thursday, August 10, 2017

Travel Bites: Sprinkles Cupcakes in Nashville, Tennessee

The first time I heard about Sprinkles Cupcakes was from my youngest daughter watching a YouTube video.  Imagine that!  Kids these days don't watch TV anymore.  It's all about the YouTube videos. The family in the video had visited Sprinkles in Nashville and raved about the cupcakes.  Knowing how excited she was about going on a road trip to Nashville ourselves, I put it on our map of visits.

Located in the quaint 12South area of Nashville, this shop fits right in.  With a white brick front and cute sign to welcome you.  It is simply perfect.  You walk in and see the case full of delicious cupcakes.  Decisions! Decisions!  The sweet owner, Brooke, asked me if we wanted a cupcake or a cupcake sundae.  Excuse me!!  A CUPCAKE SUNDAE!!  I asked, "What is a cupcake sundae?"  She went on to explain that they take the cupcake and cut it in half, put the bottom half in the bowl, top it with a scoop of their famous ice cream, and then top it with the top of the cupcake.  Oh my goodness!!  My sweet tooth was screaming....YES!!

So, each of us ordered a cupcake sundae.  I had a sprinkle cupcake with vanilla bean ice cream.  My husband had the chocolate marshmallow cupcake with creme brulee ice cream.  My oldest daughter ordered a dark chocolate cupcake with dark chocolate ice cream.  And my youngest daughter ordered the red velvet cupcake with red velvet ice cream.  After thanking Brooke for the treats we headed outside to indulge.  With the Nashville mural around the corner, and a cute flower truck across the street, it was a fun location.

I have to admit, I'm a dessert nut and very picky.  But, these cupcakes were some of the most fluffy and tasteful I've ever had.  And to have ice cream in the middle of them was absolutely over the top.  It was one of our favorite stops of our trip.  We will definitely be visiting again!  




I give this location my Mandatory Munch seal of approval!! 

So, if you are in the Nashville area, stop by and tell Brooke I sent you.  To learn more about Sprinkles and all of their locations click HERE.   

**Disclaimer:  My family and I were guests at the Sprinkles Nashville location.
 All opinions are my own.   

    Thanks ~ Nichi

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Monday, August 7, 2017

First Day of School FREE Printables

They're back!!  My First Day of School FREE Printables are a hit each year.  I like to document the first day of school no matter how old my kids get.  This year I will have one starting high school and one in her last year of elementary school.  So many emotions!!  Having these printables for them to hold in that first day picture will be great.  Here's to a great year for you and your kiddos!!

To access all printables click


Simply print them off on cardstock and trim the edges.  
Or, print on copy paper, cut off the edges, and mount onto a piece of cardstock or cardboard for more stability.

    Thanks ~ Nichi

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Travel Attractions: The Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tennessee

On our recent road trip from Kansas City to The Smokey Mountains, we made a 2-night stop in Nashville, Tennessee.  What is Nashville known for?  Of course...COUNTRY MUSIC!!  I like all kinds of music.  I'm the one that channel surfs in the car stopping at rock, country, oldies, etc...  But, my favorite travel music, and the one that takes me back to my roots is country.  So, while in the land of country, we had to make a stop at the Country Music Hall of Fame.

The entrance to the museum greets you with beautiful flowers, trees, and a long titled wall...all in the middle of downtown.

Upon entering, you look up to an impressive sky-lighted ceiling and large banners guiding you through the lobby.

We began our tour with how country music began.  Numerous displays allowed you to play songs from the past and learn about the musicians.  Kiosks were set up with trivia questions to test your knowledge.

The Wall of Records made us realize the impact that country music has had on the nation.  It is made up of hundreds of records and artists that had chart toppers in history.

Current exhibits focus on Charlie Daniels, Jason Aldean, The Music of 2016, and Shania Twain.  Each one has their own collection of artifacts, costumes, historical facts and features.

Some of our favorite exhibits were of Dolly Parton, Reba McIntire, George Strait, Garth Brooks, Vince Gill, and Carrie Underwood's dress that she wore when she won American Idol.

Do you know the anatomy of a guitar?  Well, you can learn all about it.  And go inside for a family picture!!

How about how musicians traveled the country to concerts and appearances?  Yep, they have a display about that too.  Along with a pretend Taylor Swift bus that you can go inside and participate in activities.

The last room that we entered was the beautiful Hall of Fame Rotunda.  It presents you with those lucky musicians that have been inducted in a round room showing that everyone is equal.  This year's inductees are Alan Jackson, Jerry Reed, and Don Schlitz.

So, if you are a country music fan, and in the Nashville area, consider visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame.  There is something for every age to see, and something new to learn.

If you are looking for more information on the Country Music Hall of Fame 
go to their website HERE.

**Disclaimer:  My family and I were provided tickets as guests to the museum. 
All opinions are my own.   

    Thanks ~ Nichi

I like linking my posts to THESE GREAT PARTIES!!!!