Candy Crunch Ice Cream Cake


This Candy Crunch Ice Cream Cake is an easy creation that you can adapt to your own favorite candy and ice cream.  Give it a try!  Your family will thank you.

pound cake (I bought one from the grocery bakery section)
ice cream, softened (any flavor, I used cookies and cream)
candy toppings, chopped (I used M&Ms and Reese's peanut butter cups)
chocolate hard shell ice cream topping
parchment paper

  1. Line a loaf pan with parchment paper strips.
  2. Lay a single layer of cake in the bottom of the pan.
  3. Top with a layer of softened ice cream.
  4. Sprinkle with chopped candy.
  5. Layer cake, ice cream and candy two more times for a total of 3 layers of each.
  6. Top with hard shell.
  7. Put in freezer until set, about 4 hours.
  8. Loosen sides of cake with a spatula or turner.
  9. Pull out by edges of parchment paper.
  10. Cut into slices and serve.


Thanks ~ Nichi

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