Strawberry Roly Polies

1 can (11 oz) refrigerated breadsticks
3 rolls Betty Crocker® Fruit by the Foot® strawberry      fruit snack rolls (from 4.5-oz. box)
1/3 cup sugar
1egg white, beaten
Heat oven to 375°F. Grease cookie sheet with cooking spray. Unroll dough; separate into 12 breadsticks. Stretch each breadstick until about 9 inches long. Cut in half.  Unroll all fruit snack rolls. With scissors, cut each evenly into 4 inch pieces. Place 1 piece on each breadstick. Roll up each breadstick, coiling dough into spiral shape; press ends to seal. 

Place sugar in shallow dish. Brush top and side of each coil with beaten egg white; roll in sugar. Place sugar side up on greased cookie sheet.  Bake at 375°F. for 11 to 15 minutes or until light golden brown. Immediately remove from cookie sheet. Cool 5 minutes. 


Bread Pudding from Hamburger or Hotdog Buns

This is a recipe that I came up with when I had some leftover hotdog buns.  Had to do something fun with them.  This turned out great.  It was a combination of several recipes that I had found, plus a topping that my mom used to make.  Enjoy!!

2 cups sugar         
5 large beaten eggs         
2 cups milk         
2 teaspoons vanilla         
1 ½ package hamburger or hotdog buns, cubed         
1 cup packed brown sugar         
1/4 cup (1/2 stick) butter, softened         
1 cup chopped pecans

Topping sauce:          
1/4 cup (1/2 stick) butter         
1 c. brown sugar         
1 Tbsp. flour         
2 Tbsp. milk  

Mix together granulated sugar, eggs, and milk in a bowl, add vanilla. Pour over cubed bread, stir until coated, let sit for 10 minutes.  In another bowl, mix together brown sugar, butter, and pecans.  Pour bread mixture into greased 9x13" pan. Spoon brown sugar mixture over the top.  Bake at 350 degrees for 35 to 45 minutes, or until puffed and set.

Topping: Stir all ingredients in small saucepan.  Bring to a boil over medium heat stirring occasionally.  Drizzle over the top of bread pudding.  Serve with or without Cool Whip.

Source:  my own recipe created from combining many others found online 

Chicken and Green Bean Casserole

2 cans cream of mushroom soup
2 ½ cups water
½ cup chopped onion
2 2/3 cups Minute Rice, uncooked
1 can green beans
3 cups diced, cooked chicken
grated cheese
½ tsp. garlic powder
dash of pepper

Combine soup, water, onion, garlic powder and pepper in a medium saucepan.  Mix well.  Bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring occasionally.  Pour half of soup mixture into a greased 9 x 13” pan.  Pour rice into pan, mix well.  Add chicken and beans.  Top with remaining soup.  Sprinkle with grated cheese.  Cover and bake at 375 degrees for 20 minutes.  

Source:  recipe from a friend

Chicken Cakes

1 can of chicken (12 oz, I think.  Larger can than tuna)
1 pkg. chicken stuffing
1 cup mayo
2 green onions, diced
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
1 Tbsp lemon juice (I didn't have any so I used 2 Tbsp. apple juice)
American cheese

 Mix everything together and let sit in fridge for 20 minutes.  Form into packed cakes with 1/3 measuring cup (I use the 1/4 cup for appetizer size).  Heat large nonstick skillet sprayed with cooking spray on medium-high heat.  Cook 3-4 minutes on each side or until golden brown.  I then added a small piece of American cheese on top, covered the skillet for a few minutes to help it melt, and serve.  I even had extra and just put them in the fridge and cooked them the next day for lunch.  Great quick recipe!!

Source:  recipe from a friend + my own tweeks

Stuffed Cookies

This recipe is so easy.  You will want to make these all the time.  They were a big hit at my hubby's work.  Enjoy!!

1 roll (16.5 oz) refrigerated choc. chip cookie dough
24  mini chocolate creme-filled sandwich cookies

  1. Heat oven to 350°F.
  2. Shape dough into twenty-four 1-inch balls. Flatten 1 cookie dough ball slightly and shape around 1 chocolate sandwich cookie, covering completely. Place stuffed cookies 2 inches apart on ungreased cookie sheet. Repeat with remaining dough and cookies.
  3. Bake 9 to 12 minutes or until golden brown. Cool 1 minute; remove from cookie sheet to cooling rack.

    Peanut Butter Truffle Brownies

    This recipe is worth blowing your diet on.  Brownie + peanut butter cream filling + chocolate topping = AMAZING!!  Better grab a large glass of milk with this one!!

    Brownie Base:
    1 box fudge brownie mix  
    Water, vegetable oil and eggs called for on brownie mix box  

    1/2 cup butter, softened  
    1/2 cup creamy peanut butter  
    2 cups powdered sugar  
    2 teaspoons milk  

    1 cup semisweet chocolate chips  
    1/4 cup butter    

    1.  Heat oven to 350°F.  Grease 13x9-inch pan with cooking spray.  Make  brownies as directed on box.  Cool completely. (I put them in the fridge) 

    2.  In medium bowl, beat filling ingredients with mixer until smooth.  Spread mixture evenly over brownie base.  (I put them back in fridge to set until topping is ready) 

    3.  In small microwavable bowl, microwave  topping ingredients uncovered on High 30 to 60 seconds; stir until smooth.  Cool 10 minutes; spread over filling.  Refrigerate about 30  minutes or until set.  Cut and serve.  Store covered in refrigerator.

    Source:  Betty Crocker recipe

    Sloppy Joe Pockets

    This is a yummy recipe that is great to customize to each person.  They can choose what they want stuffed inside.

    Makes 4 pockets

    1 pound lean ground beef
    1 package Sloppy Joe seasoning
    1 can (10 ounces) tomato puree
    1 can (10 ounces) refrigerated pizza dough
    1 cup shredded
    cheese, divided
    1 cup pizza toppings (such as mushrooms, bell peppers, onion, olives)

    1. In a large skillet, brown ground beef; drain. Add Seasoning Mix and tomato puree. Set aside.
    2. Unroll pizza dough onto greased baking sheet. Cut dough into 4 squares. Sprinkle 1/4 cup cheese onto one-third of square lengthwise. Spoon beef mixture over cheese. (Do not spread to the edge).
    3. Top with pizza toppings. Fold side of dough over filling; press around edges of pocket with a fork to seal. Bake at 375°F for 20-25 minutes.

    Tip: Cooked pockets can be wrapped tightly in foil and frozen. Reheat at 350°F until heated through.

    Apple Snickers Salad

    Here is another fun easy recipe for a summer picnic.  I love the tart taste of the apples mixed with the chewiness of the Snickers!!

    2 pkgs vanilla pudding  
    2 cups milk
    2 containers of light Cool Whip  
    4 Granny Smith apples, peeled and diced
    3 Snickers candy bars, cut into small pieces
    Mix pudding and milk together.  Add Cool Whip and mix until smooth.  Add apples and candy bars.  Mix together and chill until served.


    Pistachio Salad

    This salad is known as the "green" salad around my house.  One daughter loves it and the other can't stand it. Just depends on the person.  My husband and I love it.  A great side dish or dessert.  It also helps with any late night sweets or ice cream cravings by being low calorie and low fat!!
    ** This salad is also known as Watergate salad in many recipes.  However, most of them call for pineapple.  I am highly allergic to pineapple so I swapped it out for the pears.
    2 boxes of pistachio pudding
    2 containers of light Cool Whip  
    1 large can pears in light syrup, diced
    2 cups miniature marshmallows  
    1 cup chopped pecans
    Mix pudding with Cool Whip in a large bowl.  Add all other ingredients and mix completely.  Chill until served.  **  If making individual servings, top with a spoonful of Cool Whip and sprinkle with pecans.

    Source:  family recipe from my mom 

    Corn Casserole

    This recipe is another family favorite, especially my dad.  He is lactose intolerant so I'm able to make it with lactose free milk.  It is a great family gathering dish and reheats for great leftovers.

    3 cans cream corn  
    6 eggs  
    2 1/4 c. milk  
    1 1/2 c. sugar  
    1 tsp. salt  
    2 1/2 sleeves of Saltines, crushed
    Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl.  Coat a 9x13 dish with non-stick spray.  Pour corn mix into pan. Top with slices of butter (about a 1/2 stick cut into pads) and pepper.  Bake at 400 degrees for 40-45 minutes.  Casserole will brown and puff.  Travels well in an insulated carrier if you are going to a gathering or event away from home.

    Source: a family recipe from my mom 

    Vitamin Enriched Smoothies

    Having a hard time getting some extra vitamins into your kiddos? Try this recipe that I came up with.  It combines common ingredients with a packet of Emergen-C vitamin drink mix.  It helped us through the winter to boost our immune systems to fight all of the viruses out there.  My kids actually ask for this smoothie mix as a treat!! (Emergen-C can be found at your local grocery or drug stores.)

    1 packet of raspberry flavored Emergen-C vitamin drink mix  
    1 cup crushed ice  
    1 cup milk  
    1/2 cup Sunny D orange juice  
    2 - 6 oz. containers of strawberry yogurt  
    1 ripened banana  
    1/2 pint strawberries, with stems cut off
    Put all ingredients into blender, mix until smooth.  Makes enough for 4-5 people depending on serving size.  Enjoy!!  

    Source: my own recipe 

    Taco Soup

    2 pkg. Taco seasoning
    4 c. water
    2 can pinto beans
    1 cans chili beans
    1 can green chilies
    1 can stewed tomatoes
    1 can whole kernel corn
    2 lb. hamburger meat

    Brown meat.  Put all ingredients (do not drain cans) into large soup pot or crock pot and heat.  Serve with shredded cheese, sour cream, and Fritos.

    Deviled Eggs

    I know it is a little late for Easter, but every spring and summer picnic needs deviled eggs.  This is my recipe that I have created after tweaking my mom's recipe to my liking.  And if you are like me, I don't care for paprika sprinkled on top.  So, they are deliciously simple!!  It is also one of the very few recipes that I actually add salt to. Just can't go without on this one!!

    1 dozen eggs
    1 1/3 cup Miracle Whip
    1/2 tsp. pepper
    1/2 tsp. salt
    1 tsp. mustard

    Put eggs in medium size saucepan and add enough water to cover them completely.  Bring to a boil over medium-high heat.  Boil for 10 minutes.  Peel eggs and cut eggs in half, putting yolks in medium bowl.  Mash up yolks into small pieces with a fork.  Add all other ingredients and mix well.  Put mixture back into egg whites with spoon or pipe in with cake decorating set.  Cover, chill, and enjoy!!

    Source: a family recipe from my mom

    Mini Cupcake Maker

    My newest small kitchen appliance is a mini cupcake maker (looks a lot like a waffle iron).  You simply make a cake mix, fill mini liners 2/3 full, put them in the maker, and close the lid.  Once completely heated it only takes 4-6 minutes to make 7 wonderful mini morsels.  We even took it camping with us this weekend.  My girls love to help me decorate them too!!  However, cake mix makes approximately 60 cupcakes!!

    Green Bean Crockpot Casserole

    This is a recipe that I adapted to the crock pot for family events.  It is the good 'ol yummy green bean casserole that always seems to be a hit.

    8 cans green beans
    1 large 26 oz. can cream mushroom soup
    1 bag shredded cheddar cheese
    1 large can french fried onions
    1 tsp. pepper

    Combine green beans, soup, ½ bag cheese, ½ can onions, and pepper in crockpot. Cook on high heat for 2 – 2 ½ hours, stir occasionally. Sprinkle top with cheese and onions cook 30 minutes before serving.

    **** Can also be done in oven. Put 4 cans beans, 1 sm. can soup, 1/3 bag cheese, 1/3 can onions, dash pepper in large bowl heat thoroughly in microwave. Pour into greased 9x13 inch pan, sprinkle top with cheese and onions. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.