Pudding Fruit Salad

This is a recipe that my mom used to make while I was growing up.  It is not only easy and yummy but low-fat and low-calorie.  A great recipe to enjoy with your New Year's resolutions.

3 (15 oz.) cans lite fruit cocktail
1 (29 oz.) can pear halves in light syrup, diced
1 (1.5 oz.) box of sugar-free/fat-free vanilla pudding
1 container fat free Cool Whip

Drain juice off of fruit and into a large bowl.  Whisk dry pudding into juice until mixed well.  Add fruit to bowl and stir together.  Refrigerate until served.  Add sliced bananas and top with Cool Whip when served.

**Approx. 175 calories per 1 cup serving with 2 Tbsp. of Cool Whip

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