Rapunzel Cake

My youngest daughter turned 5 in May.  She insisted on having a Rapunzel party along with a Rapunzel cake.  Not wanting to disappoint those sweet blue eyes, I took on this project.  Here is the step-by-step instructions.  I think the finished product turned out great.  And most of all, my daughter was thrilled.  So, I hope this will be helpful to you creating a special cake for your birthday princess!!

**Please read through complete instructions before beginning**

Supplies needed:
 Wilton Classic Wonder Mold
1 cake mix - and ingredients called for on box
Rapunzel Barbie
Plastic wrap
1 rubber band
Bowl or cup to use as cake stand
plate or turntable
1 pkg. Wilton premade white fondant
purple gel food coloring
pink gel food coloring
Wilton Roll-N-Cut mat
clear swirl stamps
Wilton white pearl dust
Wilton lilac pearl dust
paint brush
pink sugar pearls
Use the Wilton Classic Wonder Mold, baking one cake as directed.
I hollowed out the center a little more than the pan created to make room for the actual Rapunzel Barbie.
Wrap the Rapunzel Barbie in plastic wrap to protect dress.  Used a rubber band to secure.

Place Rapunzel in the middle of the cake and place on top of a bowl or mug to raise up high enough for fondant dress.  **Note:  By using an actual Barbie you have to make room for her legs.  The cake mold doll is a pick without legs.
To make it easy, I used the pre-made Wilton white fondant
I also used the Wilton Roll-N-Cut mat to help keep the skirt dimensions even

Sprinkle mat with powdered sugar to keep it from sticking.  Divide fondant - 2/3 in one block, 1/3 in another block as shown.  Using gloves, add purple coloring gel to larger block, mix well until fully incorporated.  Do the same with the smaller block by adding the pink coloring gel.

Cover cake with a layer of buttercream frosting.  This will be used to "glue" the fondant onto the doll.  Place cake/doll onto plate or turntable.
Here is where I forgot to take a picture of the purple fondant rolled out.  Boo!!  Anyway, cover your mat with a thin layer of solid vegetable shortening to keep the fondant from sticking.  Roll it out with a rolling pin to the largest circle on the mat.  Keep in mind that you only need to cover 3/4 of it due to the pink front of the dress.  Cut the excess edges. Carefully peel fondant from mat and place onto cake.  Move it around carefully to create a flowing look to the dress.  Roll out the pink fondant in the same manner remembering that you only need it to cover 1/4 of the mat as shown below.  Cut to create clean straight edges.

To create the swirled pattern I used some of my scrapbooking supplies - clear stamps.  I swear they were brand new still in the package.  They have now become part of my cake decorating supplies instead.
To create a sparkle on the dress I used Wilton white pearl dust on the pink fondant (it looks pink in the bottle from the reflection) and Wilton lilac purple pearl dust on the purple fondant.
Place pink fondant over the front of dress.
I used an extra piece of the pink fondant to create a bow around the waist of the doll.  It also covers the top of the dress and plastic wrap.  Pipe a small amount of buttercream frosting along bottom of bow and place pink sugar pearls around waist to cover crease.
Look at your beautiful finished Rapunzel cake!!
I stored the cake overnight in the fridge to keep it fresh.
I also made confetti cupcakes with coordinating frosting.  Used leftover buttercream frosting that was used as "glue" on the cake.
Ready for an exciting party!!!!

Rapunzel made a guest appearance at the party to entertain all of the guests!!

Source:  a Mandatory Mooch original 

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  9. So very lovely!! Love the delight on your little one's face:)


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