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Hello, friends of the Mandatory Mooch! I am so excited to be guest posting today. I have been a fan of Nichi's blog for quite a while and I was thrilled when she asked me to share a fun craft with you, her sweet readers.
My name is Nici (pronounced like Nikki) and you can find me over at Posed Perfection. I'm married to Mr. Perfect for Me and I am a homeschooling mom to two great kids. At Posed Perfection, I share simple, delicious recipes, easy-to-duplicate craft projects and whatever is on my heart for the day. I hope you'll stop by for a visit real soon!

Have you finished all your Christmas shopping yet? Or are you like me, and haven't even started? There is still time to make some fun gifts for those special people on your list. While perusing a past issue of Family Circle magazine, I found this simple and fun art project.  This Modern Botanical Bloom Print was a cinch to make and would look great with Christmas inspired artwork as well.
Here's what you need to make this little botanical bloom print:

printed botanical picture
picture frame
glass from the frame
white paint pens (both fine and extra fine for more details)
colored paper or fabric for background
Begin by placing your botanical print on a flat surface. Next, line up the frame's glass over the print and start tracing the image directly onto the glass with your fine tip paint pen.   
Continue tracing until the details you want included are complete. (Yikes! Someone needs a manicure.) Allow to dry for 10-15 minutes. If there are finer details you want to highlight, use your extra fine paint pen to do so.  Keep in mind that this does not need to be a perfect match to the original.  Allow your print to dry completely. Note:  if there are words you want to include, you'll want to print the picture in a mirror image.
When your masterpiece is dry, place it in the frame with the painted side facing to the back. Put your piece of colored paper or fabric into the frame and then the backing. Turn it around and admire.  Ta-da!
This craft could be repeated for just about any genre of artwork.  Trace several different pictures and back them with vibrant colors for a whimsical wall arrangement. It's the perfect craft to make with all those thrifted picture frames you've got in your closet. ;-) Wouldn't this would make a great personalized gift for someone on your list?

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Thank you, Nichi, for inviting me to share this craft with your awesome readers. I am honored that you included me in your Guest Post Spectacular this month.

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