Thinking of Newtown - No Tasty Thursdays linky party

With the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut last Friday I'm not really in the party mood.  I don't know about all of you, but it has really made be think about treasuring time with my family.  I have two young children in Kindergarten and 4th grade.  The thought of losing them tears at my heart.  I can't imagine what those parents are going through.  And to the teachers and staff that they lost that day, what heros they will be remembered as.  

So, this week there will be no Tasty Thursday linky party.  Take some time to enjoy your family and friends.  Let them know what they mean to you.  The party will be back next week with features from last week's party.  Have a safe and wonderful week full of joy, memories, and lots of hugs.  ~ Nichi


  1. I so relate and understand Nichi. May you have a blessed and peaceful holiday season with your family and friends. Take care, Sharon

  2. I feel the same, Nichi! My heart is so heavy this week. I hope your holiday is wonderful and you get time to enjoy those sweet kids of yours! Hugs! XXO

    ~Jen @ Yummy.Healthy.Easy

  3. I have felt the same! Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas, Nichi.

  4. We all feel the same way! Our prayers go out to all involved. Hugs and prayers for your family, too!

    Susie and the Bowdabra Design Team

  5. Hi Nichi,
    I live near Newtown and have friends who live there. It is a very painful time. Police at our schools and endless funerals... trying very hard to find some joy... the kids need us to be strong. I am very tired. Hurricane Sandy was painful enough and this is beyond horrible.

  6. We appreciate you!


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