Cathedral Candy Clusters

These easy clusters are a favorite for Christmas time around my house.  They are the first treat requested by my hubby every year.  And that says a lot because he is not a dessert person.  I know, I know...I blog about food, mainly dessert, and I'm married to a non-dessert loving person.  What does that mean?  More for me!  So, when he does request a dessert, I jump at the chance to make it for him.

Makes approx. 70 large clusters

Ingredients: (use 1/2 ingredients for smaller batch)
2 pkgs. vanilla almond bark
2 ½ c. Capt. Crunch Peanut Butter cereal
2 ½ c. Rice Krispies
2 ½ c. miniature marshmallows
1 ½ c. peanuts


  1. Mix all ingredients, except bark, in a large bowl.  
  2. Melt almond bark in a glass bowl for 1 minute, stir and repeat in 30 second increments until smooth.
  3. Pour bark over cereal mixture.  Stir until evenly coated.
  4. Drop by teaspoons onto wax paper.  Let cool.
  5. Store at room temperature in covered container. 

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  1. Oh yum! Pinning because I am sure my guys will love this too.

    found this on Treasure Box Tuesday


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