Lollipop Centerpiece

Need a fun centerpiece for your next family gathering, kids party, or baby shower?  This Spring Lollipop Centerpiece if just what you need.  It is bright, fun, and edible.  Gotta love that combination.
Follow my easy instructions below and it will be the talk of the party.
Here are the details:

styrofoam ball
artificial flowers and leaves
glass jar
aquarium rock or marbles
Easter basket grass
Make an indention in the styrofoam ball with the jar.  This will show you where to leave an unfilled area of lollipops.

Insert lollipops into ball.  Have fun alternating the colors.
Add leaves to your lollipops and insert into ball for extra decoration.
Insert jar into your basket and fill with rock or marbles for weight.
Place finished ball on top of jar where you left the open space.  Fill basket with Easter grass and decorate with flowers.  Enjoy!!
Source: a Mandatory Mooch original

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