Summer Boredom Busters for Kids

Well, here we are.  It's July already!  Are your kids getting bored yet?  Mine are.  With the help of Oriental Trading, we have found some great Summer Boredom Busters.  Check these out and order some of your own!

Of course we have to start with the latest craze...fidget spinners!!  My daughter and neighbor boy have been collecting them.  They decided to line them all up and spin them together.  They gave the Oriental Trading spinners a thumbs up!

Or you can be silly, like my daughter, and spin them on your forehead.  Why not?!?!

Next up, is hopscotch.  This hopscotch ring game from Oriental Trading was perfect for my toddler twin neighbors.  They couldn't get enough.  It kept them busy and running in circles.  Got kids with a lot of energy?  This one is perfect.  You can even create games by attaching the rings together in different designs.  Sturdy and easy to use!

Do you remember growing up with the small magic worms?  Well, they are still around.  They are great for any age.  Make them crawl along the ground, up the wall or over the table.  They are soft, silly, and bound to make you giggle.  

Poppers are another fun way to entertain.  Turn them inside out, lay them on the ground, and wait for them to pop.  Can you catch it?  Challenge the kids!

These balloon car racers were a fun surprise for all of us.  Blow up the balloon, sit it down on the ground, let go and watch it race.  This one was great for older kids that could blow it up and let it go on their own.  Some went straight and some went in circles.  Silly fun!!

Bubbles are always a good option.  Oriental Trading has a huge selection for any theme.  We opted for the ice cream cone bubble necklaces.  

If you are looking for more great boredom busters go to Oriental Trading.  
There are so many items to choose from.  

**Oriental Trading sent me products for this post.  All opinions are my own.

  Thanks ~ Nichi

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