Travel Bites: Sprinkles Cupcakes in Nashville, Tennessee

The first time I heard about Sprinkles Cupcakes was from my youngest daughter watching a YouTube video.  Imagine that!  Kids these days don't watch TV anymore.  It's all about the YouTube videos. The family in the video had visited Sprinkles in Nashville and raved about the cupcakes.  Knowing how excited she was about going on a road trip to Nashville ourselves, I put it on our map of visits.

Located in the quaint 12South area of Nashville, this shop fits right in.  With a white brick front and cute sign to welcome you.  It is simply perfect.  You walk in and see the case full of delicious cupcakes.  Decisions! Decisions!  The sweet owner, Brooke, asked me if we wanted a cupcake or a cupcake sundae.  Excuse me!!  A CUPCAKE SUNDAE!!  I asked, "What is a cupcake sundae?"  She went on to explain that they take the cupcake and cut it in half, put the bottom half in the bowl, top it with a scoop of their famous ice cream, and then top it with the top of the cupcake.  Oh my goodness!!  My sweet tooth was screaming....YES!!

So, each of us ordered a cupcake sundae.  I had a sprinkle cupcake with vanilla bean ice cream.  My husband had the chocolate marshmallow cupcake with creme brulee ice cream.  My oldest daughter ordered a dark chocolate cupcake with dark chocolate ice cream.  And my youngest daughter ordered the red velvet cupcake with red velvet ice cream.  After thanking Brooke for the treats we headed outside to indulge.  With the Nashville mural around the corner, and a cute flower truck across the street, it was a fun location.

I have to admit, I'm a dessert nut and very picky.  But, these cupcakes were some of the most fluffy and tasteful I've ever had.  And to have ice cream in the middle of them was absolutely over the top.  It was one of our favorite stops of our trip.  We will definitely be visiting again!  




I give this location my Mandatory Munch seal of approval!! 

So, if you are in the Nashville area, stop by and tell Brooke I sent you.  To learn more about Sprinkles and all of their locations click HERE.   

**Disclaimer:  My family and I were guests at the Sprinkles Nashville location.
 All opinions are my own.   

    Thanks ~ Nichi

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