Ventus at Marina El Cid Spa & Beach Resort Review

Do you ever go on vacation and feel like you have found a home away from home?  That is how I feel about the Marina El Cid Resort in Puerto Morelos, Mexico.  Just a short 30 minute ride south of Cancun in the Riviera Maya area.  It is beautiful, convenient, and most of all a relaxing getaway.  We have visited this resort three times in the past four years.  Twice while taking the kids, and this past trip with my husband and some friends.  We booked this trip in February to celebrate our friend's wedding anniversary.  To my surprise, my husband had upgraded us to the VENTUS side of the resort.  It is the newest addition to the resort grounds that just opened in November 2017.  We have enjoyed seeing this resort double in size since our first trip.  So, keep reading to hear all about the Ventus side of the resort and the beauty that it offers.   

Ventus took home two awards at the 2018 Perspective Magazine Awards: 
Best Overall Resort
Best Latin America Resort

The lobby is a very sophisticated and clean look.  It is calm and smells amazing with the aromatherapy scents in the air. 

Just outside the back of the lobby is the stunning view of the buildings and massive main pool.  The white buildings provide a clean and bright look to the property.

Our room was very modern with turquoise and purple accents.  Perfect for a tropical getaway. 

The balcony view from our room looked right out over the beach.  The blue sea, palm trees, and fresh air was a welcome change from the icy winter cold in the US Midwest.

There are two pools on the Ventus side of the resort.  This main large pool, and two infinity pools, a family fun pool with small cliff jump and activities is located on the property near the Marina side of the resort.  You have access to the entire property during your stay.  Some of the rooms on Ventus have swim up rooms as show in one of the pictures below.  In February, it was way too cool in the evening to get in the pools.  But, they were still a beautiful sight. 


There is no possible way that you will go hungry while staying at this resort.  The food is endless and amazing.  There are breakfast buffets, a lunch buffet, six restaurants, and a new food court.  The restaurants are all by reservation and include a 4-course meal.  If you want a quick meal, I recommend the Market of Tastes.  It is a food court full of many different cuisines:  Chinese, salad bar, seafood, sushi, sandwiches, American, Mexican food, desserts, and much much more.

One of my favorite desserts is the coconut ice cream.  With shredded coconut in the ice cream, I can't resist at least one a day!

The dessert bar at the Market won't let you down.  
From muffins and cookies, to pies and cakes.  It is a table of delish.

My plate of yummy desserts.  The muffins are some of the moistest I have ever had.

The Chinese area at the Market.

My lunch plate of deliciousness after basking in the sun by the pool.

Can't forget the sweet tea.  It is sweetened with lime syrup.  Oh my!!

Our drinks at the bar by the lobby.  Almost too pretty to drink.....almost!

The salad bar at the Market.  
You pick the bowl already started for you and finish it with your own toppings.

The seafood and sushi bar at the Market.  There is something for everyone!

Just a 5 minute taxi ride around the corner is the actual town of Puerto Morelos. Another reason that I love this resort.  A day trip is just minutes away!  This is where you can do shopping, take excursions, or just sight see.  I love to bargain with local vendors for pottery, jewelry, clothing, etc... 

After a long day at the beach or pool, you may need some time to pamper yourself.  How about a massage by the beach?  Herbal wrap? Facial?  The El Cocay Spa has a whole menu of treatments.  We had the pleasure of experiencing the Hydrotherapy Session.  It consisted of the sauna, a quick ice cold shower, steam room, quick dunk into an ice cold pool, and time in the hot tub, all while being served with cold lime flavored water and ice cold cloths for your forehead.  Then, you are wrapped in a large comfy robe and seated in a relaxing area with an ice cold compress over your eyes.  The last part of this session is a neck and shoulder massage with a relaxing orange aromatherapy scent.  Ahhhhhh!!!!!  So refreshing.  Time for a nap!!

Of course the beach and pool are great to look at.  But, the grounds at the resort are a sight to be seen.  Take some time to explore the property.  You will find beautiful flowers, plants, and local animals.

So, if you are looking for a tropical getaway....look no further!  Ventus at Marina El Cid Spa and Beach Resort is a must see.  Take the family, or have an adult getaway.  Either way, there is something for everyone!

Special thanks to the wonderful staff at the Ventus Resort for having us as guests.  Our stay was magical and we can't wait for the next trip back!

Thanks ~ Nichi

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