8 Best Travel Accessories for any trip

We travel several times a year.  Some just as adults, other trips with our kids.  Over 20 years of being together as a couple, and many many trips later, we have come up with 8 of our favorite travel accessories.  These items will make a huge difference in packing, entertaining kids, and organization.

#1 - Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are amazing for organization and making travel easy.  We roll all of our clothes and pack them into the cubes.  Each cube is great for separating the types of clothes you take...swim suits, underwear, casual clothes, dress clothes, etc...  They can also be used for bathroom accessories.  We each have our own color coordinated set of cubes so that we know who each cube belongs to when unpacking.  Plus, if security has to go through your suitcase, it's an easy less-messy way to do it. 
#2 - Card and Travel Games

You never know when a rain storm or crazy weather will occur.  So, we take travel and card games with us everywhere we go.  They have come in handy when the kids are hanging out in the room, at a restaurant waiting for food, by the pool, or waiting on rain to pass.  Our favorite new find is Uno Splash.  It is your favorite UNO game, but waterproof.  Perfect for a game at the pool! 

#3 - Shoe Organizer

This is probably my favorite organizing accessory.  We discovered a few years ago that we needed something to organize a weeks worth of bathroom products.  Rather than having them scattered across our resort's bathroom counter, we used a shoe organizer.  It is hung on the bathroom door for everyone to use.  This makes it easy for you to see all of the products, but keep them out of the way.  If you have little kids, put their stuff at the bottom.  Adults or taller kids can use the top. 

#4 - GoBreezie Towels

I've done a post on these towels before.  See it HERE.  GoBreezie towels are the perfect travel companion.  They roll up and have their own storage bag.  They are great to save your seat at the pool, take to a yoga class, or dry off at the gym.  Made of a soft microfiber, the towels are comfortable and stylish.  Order your own HERE and use the code HELLOSUMMER for a 15 % off discount.

#5 - Towel Clips

Want to keep your pool towels in place?  Keep them from blowing away?  How about having a hook for your pool bag or coverup?  These simple and affordable clips are the perfect solution.  I keep them in our pool bag for the summer and take them on trips.  They help reserve seats and make it easy to identify where our items are.  They are sturdy enough to hold up a pool bag, save your cover up from getting wet, or clip other items to the chair.

#6 - Insulated Cups

No one likes their ice melting in their cups, or a watered down drink.  We take insulated cups on every trip.  Whether it is the beach, mountains, or a local weekend trip, they keep your drink fresh and ice cold.  Plus, if you have a vinyl cutting machine, you can personalize them like we did.  We like the Ozark Trail cups shown below.

#7 - Noise Machine

If you sleep with a noise machine, hopefully it is small enough you can just take it with you.  We (including each kid) have slept with a noise machine for years.  The kids have since they were born.  The noise drowns out cars driving by, dogs barking, storms etc...  On vacation, they provide a comforting sound of home. 

#8 - Bags/Baggies

I'm one of those people that likes to be prepared for anything.  So, one of my favorite accessories are simple bags or baggies of all sizes...sandwich bags, snack size, quart and gallon.  You never know when you might need one to pack a snack for the pool, keep sand and shells from the beach, or bring home liquids that you bought.

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